Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting (Special Edition)

A preview of tomorrow's events

Tomorrow is the Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting. Here are a few of the goings-on for the weekend. While it won’t be in person again this year, I’m looking forward to a really good “show”, as Munger will be there, as well as Jain and Abel. Nothing attending in person, of course. BRK 2022 should be huge! Book your hotels now (seriously).

Yahoo! Finance coverage starts at 12:30: Click here

Berkshire Annual Meeting: The 2020 Berkshire annual meeting will be held virtually again this year due to the pandemic. This year will be a little better given time for planning. The event will be streamed from Los Angeles, which will allow Munger to be there. In addition, both Ajit Jain (insurance) and Greg Abel (non-insurance), both vice chairmen of Berkshire, will be available to answer questions. You can tune in here:

Pre-meeting events: I'll be participating in a virtual Columbia Business School event at 11:30am (EST) tomorrow to talk about my book. At 12:00 to 1pm there will be a panel headlined by Mario Gabelli. 

Link to 11:30 interview:
Link to 12:00 panel: