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Watchlist Investing as it’s currently situated consists of this free weekly Substack newsletter and a paid monthly newsletter. But they’re separate and distinct. Below are some free issues of the paid version so you can see what it’s all about.

The monthly paid version just went up to $199/year. A subscription gives you access to my bottom-up proprietary analysis of better businesses to keep an eye on for your own watchlist.

Just one idea could pay for a whole lifetime of newsletters.

The idea is to follow billionaire Charlie Munger’s advice and put yourself in a position to profit when Mr. Market inevitably overreacts:

“One person said to me, 'I have a list of 300 potentially attractive stocks, and I constantly watch them, waiting for just one of them to become cheap enough to buy.' Well, that's a reasonable thing to do. But how many people have that kind of discipline? Not one in 100.”

– Charlie Munger

As a thank you for your loyal readership here on Substack I’m offering a subscription at the old $99 rate for a limited time.

Stay rational! -Adam

P.S. Whether you subscribe to the paid version or not you can expect to continue to receive my weekly posts here on Substack. I’m particularly excited about this Friday’s issue which reverse-engineers Berkshire’s compensation system.

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Subscribe today at the old $99 rate

Issue Archive:

March 2021: Hingham Institution for Savings / AAON

April 2021: Credit Acceptance Corp / Monarch Cement

May 2021: McCormick / International Flavorings & Fragrances / Gencor

June 2021: Bank7 / Plumas Bancorp

July 2021: Russell 3000 Project

August 2021: Waste Management Industry Analysis (WM / RSG / WCN)

September 2021: Top Secret (No, I just sent this one out to paid subs last week. It contains a timely idea which I’m keeping under wraps for the moment. New subscribers have access to all archives, including this one.)