Watchlist Investing Issue #1!

March 2021 Issue of Watchlist Investing


Thank you for subscribing to the Watchlist Investing Newsletter! Here is a link to the very first newsletter, which is free: March 2021.

I very much like the look/feel of a “locked-down” PDF, as it keeps things tidy. It suits my style. It’s one reason (in addition to cost) why I wasn’t too keen on Substack as a primary distribution platform as there was no option to attach files.

With the help of some very generous fellow newsletter authors, I’ve decided to proceed as follows:

  1. Paid Monthly Newsletter: Starting in April the Watchlist Investing Newsletter will cost $10/month or $99/year ($8.25/mo.). By setting things up myself via a GoDaddy website, MoonClerk member management, and MailChimp distribution, I’ve kept fixed and variable costs low. I want to pass those savings onto you. I also want to keep the absolute cost of the newsletter low such that I can add value above and beyond the nominal cost of the newsletter (the margin of safety principle inverted). You can subscribe here. (As a sidebar: the ease with which I could set this up leads me to believe Substack will soon find itself competing on price with other distribution platforms and probably lowering its 10% fee; this is good for writers and will probably attract more users to the platform; economics in action is fun to watch.)

  2. Free Substack Content: Substack appears to be a simple and easy distribution method for writers. I’ll probably use it to send out sporadic content or quick thoughts.

  3. Google Sheets: In conjunction with the newsletter I’ll be building a Google Sheet tracking Watchlist companies as well as suspects. Right now I intend to keep it open to all. It’s only a list of companies with no commentary so it may induce a few more of you to sign up! See the spreadsheets here.

Thank you for subscribing and welcome to Watchlist Investing!


“One person said to me, 'I have a list of 300 potentially attractive stocks, and I constantly watch them, waiting for just one of them to become cheap enough to buy.' Well, that's a reasonable thing to do. But how many people have that kind of discipline? Not one in 100.”

– Charlie Munger