What is Watchlist Investing?

Watchlist Investing is a public journey I’m undertaking to find and follow great public companies. As a value investor, the primary challenge of finding great companies is compounded by finding them at an attractive price. Some investors look at the daily/weekly lows lists for ideas. But that’s like arriving at the scene of a fire and having to quickly determine whether to offer the homeowner a deal. Will it burn down? Is the fire department right around the corner? I’d rather take the time to get to know a company/industry first and then trust that inevitably Mr. Market will serve up a good price.

Why/How did it begin, and will it be a paid subscription?

As of February 26, 2021, the plan is to give it a go via a trial run for a month or two. This will allow me to get in the habit of regular posting, work out some kinks/style/formatting, determine if it’s a right fit, and provide readers a no-cost way to see what I’m about. If/when it’s a “go for launch”, I fully intend to begin charging probably somewhere around $10/month. You can go to www.watchlistinvesting.com to download pdf copies of the newsletters (when they’re up).

What else should you know?

NOTHING - and I mean nothing at all - of what I write, imply, link to, comment on, etc. should be considered investment advice. This newsletter is intended as a general publication for information/educational/entertainment purposes and is not and should not be considered investment advice or an offer to buy or sell securities.

I’m licensed as a registered investment advisor and have a fiduciary duty to put clients first. That means ahead of all subscribers and myself. Subscribers are NOT my clients. All of that said, I will endeavor to let subscribers know when I or clients own the securities I discuss, but I have no duty to keep you informed if anything changes. Good morals (and the law) also mean I won’t use this publication to tout or pump and dump securities. I don’t want to go anywhere within 500 miles of that gray line.